Are you trying for a baby?

It’s frustrating trying for a baby. If you need a fertility expert or a second opinion, Monash IVF are ready to help.

We’re one of Australia’s most trusted fertility programs, because we offer patients personal care and have been helping create families since 1973 when we achieved the world’s first IVF pregnancy. We’re proud of our science, and we’re proud that every 2.5 hours a Monash Miracle is welcomed into the world.

Who we help

We’re here for anyone who needs help to have a baby. This can mean:

Reasons to choose Monash IVF

We’re totally focussed on helping you take a baby home. That’s our bottom line.

Here’s a quick top 10 of why we believe we’re the best choice for your fertility treatment:

  1. We’re the pioneers of IVF in Australia
  2. Super convenient clinic locations with access to state-of-the-art labs
  3. Flexible payment plans and low-cost fertility treatment options
  4. Our staff are passionate about helping you have a baby
  5. We’re experts in tricky cases like donor and surrogacy
  6. We won’t push you straight to IVF if you don’t need it
  7. We know your name, we know your story and we personalise your treatment
  8. We investigate fertility concerns and make plans to manage them
  9. We’re not just an IVF clinic! We can offer you many different fertility treatment options
  10. We’re here to help you achieve your dream of having a baby

Other fertility options

IVF isn’t the only end game. About 75% of the women we help get pregnant without it.

We don’t tell people to ‘relax’, ‘stop worrying and it’ll happen’ or wait until the moon is in Jupiter’s orbit. We get to know you and your body. Sometimes we recommend:

  • timed intercourse (working out the best time to get pregnant yourself)
  • ovulation tracking (understanding your cycle and when eggs are released so you can, get pregnant yourself)
  • artificial insemination (using your partner or donor sperm to get things in the right spot at the right time).

Looking after you

IVF and other fertility treatments can be a tough process, but you won’t be alone.

We’ll support you with:

  • simple, clear information and instructions
  • unlimited sessions with leading counsellors
  • 24/7 support from patient care and nursing teams
  • getting to know you and your body. We’ll leave no stone unturned to see what’s going on for you (and your partner)
  • a detailed plan of all the steps we’ll take together to help you bring home a baby. We create a program just for you, suited to your body.

We set the highest standards to make sure our fertility doctors and specialists are among the best. Less than 100 make the list, so you can trust you’re in expert hands.

Our technology

We’ve had some big moments since we started, here’s some of the developments we’ve helped make happen:

  • the ‘blastocyst’ technique – a new way of letting embryos grow for longer in the lab to improve pregnancy rates
  • using the vitrification ‘snap freezing’ method since 1998 to improve embryo survival
  • advanced genetic screening on embryos to boost success rates
  • our very own Professor Kelton Tremellen helped men get in on the fertility act by inventing Menevit
  • pioneering one of Australia’s leading pre-natal blood test – Nest Screen test – to check bub is healthy and strong
  • 4D ultrasound scanning tech so you can get up close and personal with your baby-to-be.
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