Monash IVF is highly dedicated to fertility research. We have a full-time dedicated research team focused on developing new treatments. This commitment has helped us achieve many world firsts and continues to help us deliver exciting advances in fertility treatment, meaning you can be confident in your treatment decisions.

Download the 2016 Research and Education Foundation Annual Report Here.

Our IVF research program

Our IVF research program is overseen by the Monash IVF Group Research and Education Foundation (MREF). This Foundation has long-term connections with research and teaching at:

  • Monash University
  • Adelaide University
  • Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

To view our current and past research projects click here.

Why is research important?

Research helps to develop effective, evidence-based new treatments to increase chances of healthy pregnancy.

We’re thankful to the patients who participate in trials and work with us to gain important information about fertility and treatments. Using our scientific expertise, our research aims to translate our knowledge into new treatments.

We are committed to giving back to the fertility field. It keeps us at the forefront of delivering world class care; we’re always looking for better, safer, more efficient ways of helping patients overcome infertility.

As part of our research program, we:

  • form elite teams of fertility specialists to review challenging cases and make sure we haven’t missed anything
  • innovate processes and methods to deliver better outcomes
  • publish research papers and presentations that help treat patients.

Clinical trials

We take part in pharmaceutical-sponsored, multi-centre clinical trials to test the safety and effects of new medications, therapeutic devices and treatment protocols. We’re usually enrolling patients in 1-2 clinical trials at any time.

All trials and research are conducted under the approval of an NHMRC registered human ethics committee approval and within relevant licenses.

Patients in clinical research trials can try new medications before they become publicly available, and potentially have treatment at a lower cost.

Recent treatments trials include:

  • multi-centre trial ‘LIGHT’ study on the effectiveness of growth hormone
  • low-dose stimulation protocols
  • impact of chronic inflammation, obesity and gut ‘microbiome’ on fertility and IVF success rates
  • use of melatonin in IVF treatments.

Training and development

We partner with major educational institutes to recruit some of the best reproductive medicine graduates. Our training commitment includes:

  • long-standing partnerships with Monash University’s Education Program in Reproduction and Development (EPRD)
  • teaching undergraduate courses at the University of Adelaide
  • clinical appointments through obstetrics and gynaecology residency programs.

We’re proud to help meet the national workforce needs in reproductive medicine by assisting students to gain Graduate and Masters qualifications in reproductive science and embryology.

Monash Fast Facts

We’re a major contributor to the annual scientific meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA). We’ve presented dozens of research studies at the FSA; many go on to be published in leading reproductive medicine journals such as Fertility and Sterility or Human Reproduction.[1]

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  1. Fertility Society of Australia (FSA)