Our Egg Donation Program is available for women or couples who can’t get pregnant using their own eggs because they don’t produce their own eggs, or can’t use the eggs for some reason.

We’re proud to have played a part in conception of the world’s first baby through egg donation in 1983.

Are donor eggs right for me?

For some women, donor eggs are the only way to become a parent, because of:

  • premature ovarian failure (menopause)
  • unexplained and repeated miscarriage
  • advanced maternal age
  • genetic issues
  • infertility after treatment for cancer or a serious illness
  • unsuccessful IVF treatment cycles.

If you’re thinking about using donor eggs, talk to your fertility specialist about our Egg Donation Program.

How do I get a donor egg?

We help with:

  • importing eggs from The World Egg Bank
  • advertising for an egg donor
  • known egg donation – when friends or family donate
  • recruiting an egg donor through our clinic.

Finding a donor with advertising or online

Our counsellors can give you more information about advertising.

If you choose to find a donor by advertising, our counsellors can guide and support you, but under the law you must place, answer and manage the ad yourself.

If you’re located in Victoria, you can’t publish an ad relating to the donation of human tissue (like an egg), without approval from the Minister for Health under Victorian law.

Some people find donors via online forums set up for this reason. We recommend the resources on finding an egg donor from the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA).[1]

Known egg donation

You may have a sister, relative or friend who will go through IVF procedures to donate an egg to you. This means:

  • you know the genetic origin of the egg
  • the wait time to get started on treatment is reduced.

If you find a donor through advertising, an online forum, or any other source where the donor was previously unknown to you, this is also considered a known donation.

We recommend women not interested in accessing eggs from TWEB try to find their own egg donor. It’s important to understand that very few women donate their eggs for altruistic reasons – as a gift to unknown donors simply to help someone start a family.

Egg donors recruited through our clinic

We have a waiting list for patients who want an egg donor recruited through Monash IVF. It is unlikely the clinic can find a donor for you; we usually have 1-3 altruistic egg donors per year (and sometimes none).

Many women who think of donating their eggs search online for information, and end up donating directly through sites and forums where people are desperately seeking donors.

How do I become an egg donor?

If you want to donate your eggs, you need to:

  • be 21-36 years old (inclusive)
  • be in good health with no family history of hereditary disease
  • provide a genetic family history
  • not be in a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS
  • have your partner attend counselling and consent to the donation (if you’re married or in a de facto relationship)
  • consent to release identifying information to potential offspring, and non-identifying information to recipients and/or potential recipients
  • comply with current state and federal laws.

The first steps to donating eggs

Talk to your fertility specialist about the best options for you. Our experienced fertility nurses can help you make an appointment.

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  1. Finding an egg donor