Using Donor Sperm

For some individuals and couples, creating a family is only possible with the use of donor sperm.

There are a number of different types of sperm donors available to patients.

There are:

Clinic Recruited Donor Sperm

Healthy men are regularly recruited by Monash IVF who have an altruistic desire to help others. They must be aged between 21-45 years old and be willing to comply with state legislation.

They are not paid for their donations and must consent to their information being released to any future donor conceived children.

Although clinic recruited donors are often referred to as “anonymous” donors, and they will be anonymous to recipients at the time of treatment, identifying donor information can be accessed by donor conceived children (or their parents) at a time in the future.

Known Donor Sperm

This is a man who is known to the individual or couple agrees to be a sperm donor- usually exclusively for this individual or couple.

Before proceeding with sperm donation program, your fertility specialist will clarify all your options and discuss the entire process with you.

Donor sperm can be used as part of an insemination or IVF treatment. Your fertility specialist will assist you in selecting the best treatment option for you.

At Monash IVF, we’re happy to provide our patients with access to sperm donors as soon as they’re ready to look into treatment options.

Overseas recruited sperm donors (Not Available in VIC)

Monash IVF has access to the world’s largest bank of sperm donors via the California Cryobank.

It means you can choose from a far wider range of sperm donors than may be available locally.

The quality and the available donors is first class.

All donors of sperm must meet strict health, education, height, and weight requirements before they are even considered for the qualification process.

Less than 1% of applicants qualify to join the Cryobank program. Monash IVF is proud of the exclusive Australian partnership with Cryobank and our direct program.

How to access the program?

If you’re thinking about using a sperm donor, or you know you will need to use a sperm donor for treatment, you will need to discuss your options with a fertility specialist.

To book an appointment, please contact our fertility nurses on 1800 628 533.

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