We’re committed to helping people in same sex relationships have a family. We’ve provided fertility support to around 5,000 same sex couples.

We can help

  • access donor sperm for simple insemination treatment, surrogacy or egg donation
  • with egg sharing, co-mothering or ‘reciprocal IVF’ for both female partners
  • access de-identified donor sperm and eggs
  • couples who want to use a known egg or sperm donor.

Make an appointment with a fertility specialist to talk about your medical history and the fertility choices available.


We start with testing, usually for both partners, because even if one partner doesn’t want to undergo treatment, some baseline screening is necessary. The tests give us important information about your fertility and readiness for pregnancy (if that is part of the plan).

If you’re considering ‘reciprocal IVF’, you and your partner will need think about:

  • plans for any stored embryos
  • ideas about more pregnancies in the future
  • who will carry the pregnancy.

Treatment plans

Your fertility specialist will develop a treatment plan to suit you and keep you prepared for what lies ahead.

Your fertility specialist will talk to you about simple treatment techniques such as donor sperm insemination; however that might not be an appropriate option for everyone. IVF has the highest success rate in the shortest time, and is the only option if you need donor eggs and/or surrogacy.

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