What is the ovarian reserve?

Your ovarian reserve is the number of eggs you have remaining in your body.

Females are born with approximately 1 million eggs. How many eggs you have declines naturally with age and through ovulation (when you release an egg as part of your menstrual cycle).

The rate your eggs decline is different for every woman. Around 10% of women will experience an accelerated loss where eggs decline at a faster than normal rate.

What is the egg timer test?

A simple blood test can measure your ovarian reserve. Known as the egg timer test, the blood test measures anti-mullerian hormone (AMH), and gives a good indication of your fertility and remaining eggs.

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AMH is produced by cells (granulosa cells) in the developing early antral follicles of the ovary. As your eggs decline, so do the number of antral follicles and the level of AMH.

What if my ovarian reserve is low?

  • If you’re in a relationship and ready for children, we recommend you try to get pregnant as soon as possible.
  • You can freeze your eggs.
  • If you’ve experienced premature menopause, we can talk about options including using donor eggs.

Who is at risk of low AMH?

You may be at increased risk of low AMH if you have:

  • a family history of early menopause or reduced AMH
  • had ovarian surgery
  • severe endometriosis
  • had chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Who should have an egg timer test?

Information is power and lets you take charge of your fertility.

We can delay starting a family for all kinds of reasons, but there’s no question fertility declines with age. Once the ovaries run out of eggs, the body can’t produce more. The last remaining eggs may not be great quality.

Monash IVF tip: If you plan on having children one day, it’s worth considering the egg timer test (AMH test). If you haven’t had children by 30 and want to know about your fertility and ovarian reserve, talk to your fertility specialist.

How do I get started?

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