IVF Cost

At Monash IVF, our patients have access to some of the best fertility treatment in Australia, and the World, can offer. We understand that sometimes IVF cost can be confusing and that each patient has individual circumstances and treatment needs.

We believe that being informed is the key to making the right decision for you and your family. Our experienced accounts team are available to discuss any IVF cost queries you may have when you meet with them for your accounts appointment prior to commencing treatment.

The table below provides an estimate of your out of pocket expenses for fertility treatment with Monash IVF.

Treatment  Approximate Out of Pocket Cost*
Initial IVF Cycle  $4,872
Subsequent IVF Cycle – after Medicare Safety Net $4,319
Initial IVF w/ ICSI Cycle $5,372
Subsequent IVF w/ ICSI – after Medicare Safety Net $4,820
IUI Cycle $1,102
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $2,206

Fees correct as at July 1st, 2019.

*Based on having private health insurance and Medicare. Final out of pocket costs will depend on patients’ individual circumstances.

Please note: cycle fees are not inclusive of day hospital procedure fees, specialist consultations or any extra medication you may require.

Medicare Safety Net

Once you reach a certain amount of medical expenses per calendar year, the Medicare Safety Net may provide higher rebates meaning you pay less. The Medicare Safety Net threshold for 2019 is $2,133.00.

For any queries about whether you have reached your Medicare Safety Net and are eligible for further rebate please contact Medicare on 132 011.


Medicare provides access to rebates for many different fertility treatments. The Medicare Safety Net can also provide additional rebates for patients who have reached a certain threshold. The Medicare Safety Net threshold for 2019 is $2,133.00.

To make sure you are eligible for Medicare rebates on IVF cost, you will need to make sure you have a valid referral letter from your GP or specialist gynaecologist/obstetrician. We suggest obtaining one from your GP, as GP referral letters are valid for 12 months whereas a specialist referral is only valid for three months. Ensuring that your name and your partner’s name (if applicable) are on the referral, as well as the referral being made out to your specific Fertility Specialist or to Monash IVF will enable you to claim all the Medicare rebates you are entitled to.

All eligible Australian residents and some categories of visitors to Australia can enroll to access Medicare benefits. If you are unsure about your Medicare eligibility status, please contact Medicare on 132 011.

Private Health Insurance

Although Private Health Insurance is not required to access treatment with Monash IVF, it may contribute a further rebate on IVF costs or provide assistance with any hospital day surgery fees (which are not covered by Medicare).

If you do have Private Health Insurance, the amount covered will be dependent on your level of cover, so we suggest speaking directly to your health fund to find out. If you are investigating whether applying for cover, we advise contacting health funds for advice and information about waiting periods and your eligibility for the cover of fertility treatment.

When speaking with your Health Insurance provider, you can quote the following item numbers that apply to inpatient procedures associated with fertility treatment – IVF and IVF with ICSI.

13212 ‘Oocyte Retrieval’ (egg collection/pick up) – In Hospital (In patient procedure)

13215 ‘Embryo Transfer’ – In Hospital (In patient procedure)

Please make sure you advise our accounts team of your Private Health Insurance eligibility and details when you meet with them.

ZIP Money

We understand becoming pregnant can be a difficult journey and the costs of IVF can be overwhelming. We have teamed up with Zip to make the cost of IVF more flexible by allowing you to spread the cost of IVF over a 6 or 12 month period, interest free*.

Learn more about using ZIP Money for IVF.

Accessing super for IVF

SuperCare logo. Seek help with IVF cost through SuperCare.

At Monash IVF, we understand that IVF cost and paying for fertility treatment can sometimes feel like an unachievable goal. As a result, we are pleased to promote SuperCare, a company that assists individuals and families in accessing their superannuation to cover medical costs, such as fertility treatment.

SuperCare’s consultants will provide assistance to patients every step of the way.

Learn more about accessing super for IVF.

Payment Plans

We understand that sometimes fertility treatment can be both physically and emotionally taxing and the cost of treatment can add an unnecessary element of stress. That’s why at Monash IVF, we’re committed to providing you with flexible payment plans and helping you understand your financial options.

Learn more about payment plans for IVF.

What if I need Advanced Treatment

For some patients, your treatment may require genetic testing or specialised sperm selection. These services are provided in addition to your IVF treatment cycles and therefore have an added cost. Unfortunately, these services do not receive any rebate for Medicare.

Embryo Screening (per embryo) $788
HA (sperm selection) $433
Sperm, egg or embryo storage $200*


*Sperm, egg and embryo storage fees are payable every six months.