Sperm donor program explained

  If you’ve picked up a paper or tuned into the news over the last week, it’s very likely that you’ve caught a story about donor sperm. From questions around the quality of international sperm, to celebrity pregnancies, it certainly feels like using an anonymous sperm donor is a hot topic of discussion. The reality

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Australian scientists develop new embryo screening test to reduce miscarriages

Danielle Le Messurier, The Daily Telegraph May 26, 2019 11:23pm A new “non-invasive” test to screen embryos for genetic disorders like Down syndrome has been developed by Australian fertility scientists who say it will reduce miscarriages and the time it takes to achieve a healthy live birth. Scientists at Monash IVF Group — one of

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Families Through Surrogacy Conference (2019)

Our very own Counselling Manager, Rita Alesi, will be presenting at the 2019 Annual Surrogacy Conference in Melbourne on 1-2 June 2019. Join Families Through Surrogacy & Surrogacy Australia for one or two days of sessions including parent, surrogate & young adult via surrogacy panels. For more information and to register for the event, please

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Study finds IVF children as healthy as naturally conceived peers

Brigid O’Connell, Herald Sun April 16, 2019 5:58pm Australian children conceived through IVF are as healthy as their naturally conceived peers in early adulthood, and are even excelling them in some areas of wellbeing, a landmark study has found. Using questionnaires and a three-hour medical screening of each participant, they found no evidence of heart,

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9 tips to help prepare for the festive season

By Rita Alesi – Monash IVF Counselling Services Manager Growing up, the Christmas holidays were known as a time for extravagant events, parties, gifts and happy families. There’s an expectation to spend a lot of your time, energy and money on getting together as a family – talking, laughing and reminiscing. However for a lot

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