Undergoing IVF and related treatment is complex; there is a lot of information that a patient needs to understand and this can be overwhelming.

This Patient Resources page has been designed to provide information for patients that can be referred back to at any time throughout your treatment and includes information about

  • Fertility treatment cycles
  • Treatment costs and relevant financial information
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening
  • The World Egg Bank
  • Medication Demonstrations

Treatment Cycle Information

At the commencement of your treatment, you will be notified about these resources and provided with a password.

The videos cover information that will be provided to you at your nurse interview and we encourage you to watch in advance and note down any questions you may have that you can then discuss with your IVF Nurse. You are able to watch the video as many times as you wish.

Treatment Cycle Information

Preimplantation Genetic Screening Information

This video covers information regarding preimplantation genetic screening services for Monash IVF patients in Victoria.

If you are considering having PGS with your IVF cycle:

Step 1. Watch the Preimplantation Genetic Screening Information Video.
If you have any questions about the information in the video please contact a Monash IVF Genetic Counsellor on 03 9590 8357 or email pgs@test-site.monashivf.com

Step 2. Download and print a copy of the Monash IVF PGS Consent Form

Step 3. Return your signed consent form to the Monash IVF Genetic Counselling Department by email pgs@test-site.monashivf.com or post marked attention Genetic Counsellors, Monash IVF Suite 1 / 252 Clayton Road Clayton Vic 3168. Please note the completed PGS consent form must be received prior to commencing your IVF cycle.

Further information
Preimplantation Genetic Testing with Aneuploidy Screening (PGT-A) and Non-Invasive Preimplantation Genetic Testing (NI-PGT)
Confirmatory prenatal diagnosis following Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

The World Egg Bank

Information about The World Egg Bank (TWEB) and how to access donor eggs is detailed in this video below.

For further information on TWEB, please click here.

Medication Demonstrations

We have created a series of short medication demonstrations covering a variety of commonly used IVF medications. Your specific medications will be prescribed by your fertility specialist.

Medication Demonstration – Bemfola

Medication Demonstration – Cetrotide

Medication Demonstration – Crinone

Medication Demonstration – Decapeptyl

Medication Demonstration – Elonva

Medication Demonstration – Endometrin

Medication Demonstration – Gonal-F

Medication Demonstration – Intramuscular Progesterone

Medication Demonstration – Luveris

Medication Demonstration – Menopur

Medication Demonstration – Orgalutran

Medication Demonstration – Ovidrel

Medication Demonstration – Pregnyl 5000 – 10000

If the dose prescribed is 5,000 iu, then after mixing one vial of powder and one vial of liquid together, attach the small needle and inject this amount.
However, if you have been asked to inject 10,000 iu i.e. two powders and one liquid, please go on to mix the first solution into the second powder and then swap the needle to the smaller one ready for injection.

Medication Demonstration – Progesterone Pessary

Medication Demonstration – Puregon

Medication Demonstration – Synarel

Medication Demonstration – Utrogestan