Trying for a baby? Trying to fall pregnant isn’t always easy, so it’s important to remember that you are not alone!.

It is not really talked about, but most couples will encounter some difficulty falling pregnant. In fact, did you know that infertility affects one in six Australian couples?

It’s common for couples to encounter some trouble when starting, adding to or completing their family and that’s why we are here to help! Hints and tips

This page has lots of expert information to help you learn more about falling pregnant. Like did you know that during a woman’s cycle, there is only a small window – called ‘the fertile window’ – when conception is actually possible? We can show you how to calculate when your fertile window is.

Have a look around; absorb as much fertility knowledge as you can! Have questions? Ask us!.  Our experienced fertility nurses are more than happy to help.

We are here to help!

Every day we offer hundreds of women and couples general – and free – advice to help them on their fertility journey. It is just one of the ways we try and help.

And the good news, many people fall pregnant naturally without needing IVF! How about a free consult with a helpful – and friendly – fertility nurse to discuss your options?

It is your journey

Your fertility journey is yours; and no one else’s.  Our aim is to give you all of the facts and information around all of the options open to you, enabling you to make your journey as smooth as possible.

The fertility landscape has come a long way. These days, there are many simple tests to make sure your bodies are working well, simple timed intercourse instructions and  ovulation induction treatment. For some people, more help may be needed and that’s okay. As the fertility landscape has changed over the years, so has the science behind it. We are really proud of the scientific advancements available to our patients, enabling them to have the family they’ve longed for.

What now?

If you’re about to start, or are currently trying for a baby – it’s time to be informed about all of your options.

  • Learn about your fertility
  • How to prepare your body for pregnancy
  • Learn about why it might not be happening for you
  • Assess your fertility
  • Understand when is the right time to seek help
  • Make sure you look after your emotional health!
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