We make it easy to get started on your dream of taking a baby home.

Step 1: Choose a fertility specialist

Your choice of your Monash IVF fertility specialists might be based on:

  • location
  • wait time
  • identifying with their profile
  • a recommendation by friends, family or a medical professional.

If you’re not sure, our fertility nurses can help choose the best specialist for you.

You can view all Monash IVF fertility doctor profiles here.

Step 2: Make an appointment

You can make an appointment with your fertility specialist online or call 1800 628 533.

Making an appointment to see a fertility specialist doesn’t always mean you’ll have to complete IVF treatment – they may recommend a different treatment option.

Step 3: Get a referral letter

You need a referral letter by the time of your appointment; it’s up to you if you get this before or after you make an appointment.

To be eligible for Medicare rebates, you must have a current referral letter from a GP or specialist medical practitioner. It needs to have your name, your partner’s name (if applicable) and be specifically referring you to Monash IVF or the fertility specialist you’re seeing.

Monash IVF tip: Ask your GP for an “indefinite referral” instead of one that lasts 3-12 months. It’s important you have a valid referral during treatment to receive the maximum Medicare rebate.

Step 4: Your first consultation

Your first appointment may involve discussing your medical history, any previous specialist consultations, referrals for some medical tests and talking through possible outcomes and treatments. IVF may not be the best treatment to help you have a baby.

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